Brian Forsythe has played numerous guitars over the years with KIX and Rhino Bucket. However, none have made as big an impact as the modified ’71 Fender Telecaster that has now carved its place in the history of hard rock guitars.


Now you can Meet and Hangout with Brian when you buy a limited Edition Damage Guitar.

I bought the guitar I play, a 1971 Fender Telecaster, used around 1980 - 81

At that time it had a natural finish with a black pickguard and the bridge pickup had been swapped out for some sort of Seymour Duncan pickup, which I didn’t really care for. 


I didn’t play it much at first but by the early ‘90s I started messing with it. I initially sprayed white lacquer over the original clear poly finish with a clear coat on top. That particular finish had issues so around 2009 I stripped it and refinished* it again, starting with a white primer coat followed by a vintage cream (Reranch) lacquer and clear coat

Putting the guitar to work.

In the early ‘90s I also installed Joe Barden pickups and changed the bridge to a flat style. All that was changed again later on, first with the bridge, which was changed to a vintage style, 3-saddle “ashtray” bridge. I now have a set of Fishman Fluence Greg Koch signature “Gristle-Tone” pickups in it. And I swapped out the black pickguard for a white pickguard for now but tend to rotate them every few years. I’ve also had several fret jobs done over the years and currently have some sort of larger Les Paul Standard type frets on it.


Other specs include the original ‘70s style “F” tuners and a maple neck with a 7.25 radius. Most of the wear & tear was done as a result of touring but I did enhance the fretboard wear slightly to hurry it along. 

That’s enough tech talk.  Brian

We've taken countless measurements and photos of Brian's guitar. Knowing what we need as the base, we search guitar shows, stores and leads to find a Fender guitar that meets Brian's specs. 
Jim Cara and Brian spent considerable time capturing every detail of the guitar

"Soon after we started this project, we found out that many of my fans wanted a more affordable collectable version, and we created two versions" - Brian

The Players "Damage" Telecaster

Exactly as Brian has in every way. ... see below

Pro players can get an exact worn replica of Brians Guitar, catch a KIX Soundcheck, and enjoy private time with Brian at the show of their choice 


Package Price $4500


This is an exclusive guitar and experience, and Brian wants nothing but personal attention given to you.  Send us an email and we will respond quickly 

Price Includes the guitar and the Brian Forsythe Guitar Experience, with Sound Check, Private Time with Brian, and a post-show signing and photo session .


Check the schedule at  The Official KIX Site and choose your date.

We are happy to discuss custom orders to make your guitar and day as memorable as possible


The Collectors Art "Damage" Telecaster

A New Squire Fender Telecaster is painted and slightly distressed and to look aged. Brian signs each one with one-of-a-kind Artwork . Still a good players guitar

The collectors version comes distressed as you see it. The guitar can be signed and delivered with anything you wish written on it.


Package Price $1500


Price Includes the guitar and the Brian Forsythe Collectors Art guitar delivered to you, and the option of bringing it to a show and get a photo with Brian.,


Check the schedule at  The Official KIX Site and choose your date.

We are happy to discuss custom orders to make your guitar and day as memorable as possible


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