Ibanez with Washed Denim Finish

Our Acid wash technique created this denim effect for a Levi’s guitar. Check out our other Acid Washed guitars. Acid Washed Loch Ness Green Ibanez Jem Charcoal Finished Ibanez

Ibanez Jem 777 Custom Finish

Ibanez Jem 777 – Charcoal Finished

We used Charcoal, water and other elements to stain the wood on the Ibanez Jem, carefully washing each layer to gradually build up the darkness we wanted.  After it was […]

Chrome Plated Ibanez guitar

Chrome Plated Ibanez

Ibanez released many Joe Satriani Chrome guitars, however each one was plagued with flaws and imperfections. In 2012, Gene Simmons asked Cara to produce a Chrome bladed AXE and Punisher […]